SMS Usage Examples


Offers / Discounts / Coupons:

Whether you have retail or wholesale customers, SMS Marketing now offers you the capability to communicate with all your customers quickly, personally and with very low cost, without having to call them all yourself.

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So, you can now send them via SMS:

  • announcements of new collections / new products and services

  • price reductions and discounts

  • dates of Sales periods

  • Mobile coupons that they can redeem


Wishes / Invitations / Updates:

In case you want to send wishes to all your customers / partners, SMS Marketing allows you to send a personal message to everyone at once on their most personal device, their mobile phone! Can you think of anything more effective?

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You can send them via SMS:

  • wishes for namedays and birthdays

  • wishes for Christmas / Easter / Summer Holidays

  • invitations to events

  • updates about conferences / meetings


Automated Notifications / Alerts:

SMS is a direct communication medium, thus it is ideal if you need to automatically and immediatelly inform someone about an event that occured or send a reminder. Wherever a computer system handles these events (CRM, ERP, etc), it is possible for automatic SMS notifications to be sent!

ProSMS Automated Notifications / Alerts

Examples of these types of notifications (alerts) are:

  • appointments reminders (doctors, hair salons, car service, etc.)

  • updates about orders / repairs completion (e-shops, etc)

  • debt reminders / updates about subscription renewals (Gyms, language or dance schools, etc.)

  • One-Time-Passwords for access to secure sites (e-Banking, etc.)